Friday, April 22, 2011

DATELINE EARTH...the not too distant future...


It's everywhere.

Space Junk News has taken over the web.

When this webpage first went online 4.5.11, it was alone in the google search with only NASA's Orbital Debris page showing up because all the words appeared somewhere in the article.

Today, there are stories via every wire service on Earth announcing that it is time to do something.

That's five months from non-existent to major threat, yet little has actually changed in Space.

The threat is no greater today than it was five months ago, or even five years ago.

The truth is, this is a concerted pitch to create new awareness, doubt, and confusion while lobbying for funds to build a laser satellite remover.

That sounds a lot like a weapon to me.

What's the difference between nudging a failing telecomsat and booting a foreign spy satellite?


Take a minute and recall the recent deluge of Climate Crisis confusion.

It will pale by comparison once this story gets rolling.

At least we had time to get used to Environmentalism over afew decades before the big $$$ jumped in and turned it into "Scare the Kids '07".

Picture how scared they are going to get when threats to their personal devices are mentioned.

They'll go for anything to keep those satellites up there tweeting and twittering away.

If the first choice is build a laser, they will say how fast?

Twitter is going to finance a huge Earth Based Laser System without even knowing it.


That sounds pretty bad to me.

That is why I offer COMSATG2.

That and the awareness that much of what you are hearing about Space Junk is total mis-information.

NASA says much of the junk is 'launch debris' of rocket systems orbiting within the grid of satellites.

From NASA..."The most common source of orbital debris larger than 1 centimeter (0.39 inches) is the explosion of objects orbiting Earth. These are often rocket upper stages. They can contain fuel or high-pressure fluids."

The prevailing wisdom from those who understand orbital mechanics can do.

The debris is from exploding orbital objects.

Launch debris does not remain in Earth orbit because it never had the thrust to achieve orbital insertion.

And, in the range from Earth to 300 miles...( where the vast majority of telecomsats reside )...debris of any sort will not remain in orbit because gravity and atmosphere have already begun to control the objects fate.

It's going to burn up in a very short time.

That eliminates a very large part of the potential problem if Orbital Guys are right and NASA is wrong.

But, since most people know so very little about any of this, we'll never be sure who to trust.

Just exactly like The Climate Crisis.


Can you say hoodwinked again?






I’ve considered the Climate Crisis, ( including Environmental issues of every sort ), added Near Space as part of Earth’s Environment, and decided that the way to generate $$$ for Alternative Energy Development is...reduce telecommunications launch costs by a factor of ten, or more...while eliminating the potentially Niche Crushing threat of Space Junk.

Have a look...your participation will liberate countless billions for Energy Research and provide an imminently re-trainable group of Scientists, Physicists, Engineers and support teams...with little or no disruption to the Economic Infrastructure.

Help project COMSATG2 into the public consciousness.

This vehicle is the ticket to a brighter future for all.



When there is Good News to report in the world of Space Junk, I will certainly update you.

In the meantime...constant monitoring is available... ( according to google )

contact... ...copy/paste


NOTE...50 years is half of a Century...
not half of a Millennium, as is incorrectly stated in the video.


The Near Space we go!

Consider that it took countless Millennia for us to generate a species threatening mess on Earth.

We have littered Near Space with immediately threatening, potentially niche crushing junk in the blink of an eye.

Telecommunications, our Global Lifeline, is under threat from Space Junk!

The Global Economy will screach to a halt the first time international banking is in instant cash goods to nine billion Humans thriving on Planet Earth.

Picture what would happen to Global Commerce without GPS.

You will be hearing more and more about this impending disaster, because it is real and our leaders have no reasonable solution.

Do you want your tax dollars used to develop an Earth based laser system, ostensibly designed to remove the junk, or some vague notion of a Space Sweeper to be deployed by rocket launch...creating more debris?

These are some of the problems we face as long as Space Junk proliferates.

Reportage is scarce, but building rapidly.

We're being prepped for the next big Globalization issue.

It's not the first time we've been set up ( think Climate Crisis ), but if this one takes hold it could be the last.

Take a quick review of what has transpired since The Climate Crisis became our Global doom and gloom boogeyman.

Basically, the Climate Industry has established itself as essential to our future well it or not...believe it or not.

It's been a little over four years since Algore and his shill, Sir Richard Branson kicked things off with their Scare the Kids Tour.

They created a market for their hype, fostering doubt and fear among Earth's young people...those with the most at stake in the future...the perfect target market.

And we fell for guilt became ubiquitous...because it came to us in a deluge via Telecommunications.

Now, it does not matter where you stand on the Global Climate issue...Iacta Alea Est.

The primary considerations come down to doubt, and reliance on the people who made the mess to suddenly develop a conscience and clean it up.

It does matter where you stand on the Near Space Crisis issue, because we are ahead of the game on this one. ( I have a solution )

This advance knowledge will empower us to institute practical prevention rather than crisis management for a change.

Climate was allowed to go critical before we took notice.

If we wait until after the fact before reacting and responding to this current development, and Telecom actually stumbles, taking notice will be a moot point.

All because we callously polluted Near Space with our debris in the name of a quick buck...sound familiar?

Near Space is part of Earth's a bigger Ocean...the biggest, in fact.

That's the Space Junk News for now!



This is a work in progress.

Right now, the SPACE JUNK NEWS isn't very good.

SPACEHUGGER and COMPUTER ARTISTRY will brighten the horizon.

Check things out and TALK IT UP!


That's all it takes to turn the SPACE JUNK NEWS into the best news of the day.

Global catastrophy averted...PHEWWW!!!


EXCERPT from "HOW TO expand your horizon..."

I can launch a Telecommunications Satellite into orbit with no rocket booster.

And return the vehicle to Earth for recycling with no blazing re-entry.

The launch vehicle is the satellite, leaving Zero Debris.

Launch costs will be reduced by a factor of ten, or more.

The enormous savings can be directed toward development of essential new resources.

Zero Debris will eliminate the potential for Collisional Cascading in Near Space.

The rapidly escalating effects of Space Debris threaten Telecom services.

Our emerging Global Economy stops dead in its tracks if Telecom stumbles.

Telecom has become as crucial to our success as Petroleum, and will soon be subject to the same speculation and price gouging as Petroleum.

Eliminating the Space Debris threat will help stabilize the Economy.

This is future altering, and it’s all up to you.

Want it, and it will happen.

Space Hugging embraces Space, reminding us that it’s all the same place, and we are in it.

Learn to co-operate with, not defy Natural Forces.

Talk it up!



When you look up and think, "C'mon, how can we pollute all that?", remember that the first guys who tossed their trash into the sea figgered the exact same thing.

What's the harm?


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space junk news environment near space space debris launch debris




This is an earlier piece...GAIA TWO ( mentioned below ) is COMSATG2...the full name is Telecomsat Gaia Two.

In this version, GAIA TWO takes us beyond near space...out where Humanity's hopes and dreams run wild and free.



Fifty years in the making.

Eons in the dreaming.

Expansion beyond this planet remains Mankind's most enduring dream.

Ever since the first Hominid gazed up in wonder, we have looked toward the vastness for hope and inspiration.

Now, it wouldn't matter if you built yourself a Plasma Drive Cruiser, and had your vehicle on the pad, ready for launch.

There's no place to go.

Outer Space is CLOSED.

Earth is surrounded by electronic weaponry, all aimed this way.

The grid of satellites deployed throughout Near Space is like the barbed wire surrounding the base of Pork Chop Hill.

Nobody gets off this rock unless it’s with the full blessing of the bureaucracies administering the satellite weapon grid.

Something has to give, or Humans will slowly, surely wither along with the loss of our fondest dreams.

If this electronic perimeter can be breached, there's hope of freeing the High Ground, and turning Outer Space back into a place where the Human Spirit can soar.

I hope to re-instill our collective psyche with the sense of expansiveness that got us to where we are today.

To do so, Humanity must first break through the grid, and alter the conventional wisdom.

GAIA TWO is the key to this endeavor.


Fifty years ago, in 1959, my Father worked for AVCO RAD, in Wilmington, Mass.

AVCO was in the business of testing ablative materials to be used for ballistic missile recovery from Space.

These compounds would melt, dissipate, or ablate away from the returning nose-cone, and be swept aft, cooling the blazing warhead as it burned through Earth’s atmosphere.

The testing was done by placing miniature nose cones, made of the various test materials, inside metal boxes with mica observation windows, and blasting the test objects with a blowtorch.

I was fortunate enough to see this testing in action during Father/Son Day at the AVCO plant.

My only thought was, “There must be a better way.”

I voiced my thought, and so began the quest.


As you will recall, Sputnik was launched in 1957.

I was ten years old.

By ’59, I had a lot of knowledge, and had formed some pretty strong opinions about the idea of weapons in space.

My Father was a very pragmatic, practical, and extremely capable guy.

As a WWII Vet, he was in the business of building a better America for his offspring.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles were the best defense, even if they never got used.

The deterrent factor was known from the very beginning.

It was Global King of the Hill, and we sat atop the pile, wielding the biggest stick anyone had ever seen.

"That should hold the Commie SOBs at bay long enough to get things up and running.

We've got a Future to build here."


I loved the Astronauts, and still get goose bumps whenever Gus Grissom’s name comes up, but I knew they were handpicked thrill junkies, chosen to represent the best and brightest of America’s youth, willing to risk it all for the good of future generations, as promotion for The Space Program.

Truthfully, all but Glenn and possibly Shepard would have sat there, strapped in atop the launch vehicle, and shouted, “Light the candle.” just for the thrill of the ride.

It wasn’t likely to be any riskier than pushing a test fighter until it or some barrier the pilot was challenging broke.

These guys were Barnstorming Space, following the great tradition of pioneering airmen everywhere.

The prevailing attitude was, “Ya don’t get any deader this way than any other way.”

“Fire this bitch up, and let’s see what she’ll do.”


While everyone was transfixed by the exploits of our early astronauts, the Space Administrators were developing their control of Near Space.

This, in turn, assures control of Outer Space.

There’s no way out if the Administrators say NO!

Very little has changed since day one.

The Space Administrators remain in power, still working on projects which hit the drawing boards in those few years between Sputnik and Man on the Moon, because the goal is still the same.

Everybody’s under our umbrella.

If you want to stay safe and dry play along, or else!

That's where things stand.



GAIA TWO is much more than a revolutionary spacecraft.

This vehicle represents a revolutionary state of mind.

The GAIA TWO State of Mind will resolve The Climate Crisis.

For starters, in a first for Humanity, Telecomsat GAIA TWO will take on the Space Junk Crisis before it gets out of hand.

A steady, uninterrupted stream of Global Telecommunication is the key to our future success.

From the flow of news and information, to control of Global Currency, we need instant electronic data if six billion plus of us are going to continue inhabiting Earth.

It is no coincidence that Earth’s Human population has doubled in the fifty years since new technology initiated the electronic data sharing boom.

Fifty years ago, Outer Space was untouched by the Hand of Man.

Today, we have already polluted Near Space with our Telecommunication Satellite debris.

Think of Near Space as The Shoreline of Outer Space.

Now, quickly review everything you know about Human History.

It would seem to me that our tendency to thoughtlessly pollute The Shoreline of Earth’s Oceans has carried over to Near Space.

Our current awareness of the consequences stemming from this ignorant behavior on Earth should immediately be carried over to Near Space.

Let’s not waste decades hiding behind the typical excuse, “It’s friggin’ huge. What’s one more piece of garbage gonna do?”

Images of doomed Seagulls and other coastal wildlife with Six-Pac wrappers around their necks started to invade our senses before we caught on about messing up the Ocean.

Do we need to see the first Alien Visitor land because a piece of Space Junk punctures his manifold?

I can picture the poor guy standing at a Pep Boys counter, holding up some unimagineable piece of technology with fragments of satellite debris wedged into the most critical component.

The Visitor was coming here to share the miraculous power source with all of us.

After an hour at Pep Boys, he’s back aboard his spacecraft, hoping the reserve power will hold, trying to figure out how to get as far away from us as possible.

An event like that would certainly get the point across, but let’s not allow things to get that far.

Consciousness of the negative effect we can have on our own environment, through wanton disregard in the name of a buck, has steadily increased, thanks to electronic sharing.

Right now, we are at an all time high in the Global Consciousness realm.

Let’s keep it up, forge ahead, and get over the stumbling blocks.

The mechanism is in place for this to continue, thanks to the grid of Telecommunications Satellites we have launched over the fifty year growth spurt.

Unfortunately, this has come about with the same level of early disregard for the only place bigger than the Ocean.

We ignored our effects on Earth’s Oceans for generations, until the stench caught up with us.

History tells me that we will continue to clutter Near Space with as many money making electronic gadgets and weapons as can possibly be jammed into the available space, until a falling chunk bounces off The White House roof, or topples the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Then we’ll react and respond like chickens with our heads cut off.

Bringing us back to resolving The Space Junk Crisis before it gets out of hand.

Enter Telecomsat GAIA TWO.


Here's a perfect example of the prevailing attitude.

From Will Whitehorn, President Virgin Galactic...currently the leader in today's New Space Race.

" any case the hostile vacuum in space makes it hard to do damage beyond leaving debris behind. Polluting space is extremely difficult."

NOTE...Whitehorn has moved on from Virgin...the comments were his response to a question about Virgin's approach and environmental concerns...